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Dog Beds -Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

1. Which dog beds are suitable for dogs that like to bite?

We attach great importance to good workmanship and constantly check the quality of our products. You can therefore assume that every Tierlando dog bed is up to the demands of the dog's everyday life. A polyester cover, however, is particularly hard-wearing and can withstand bites and sharp-edged claws even better. Please note that some dogs have a real urge to destroy. Unfortunately, however, there is no herb and no stitching stable enough. In such a case it has helped many people to find out together with a dog trainer the causes of the destructive urge.
CONCLUSIONS: Unfortunately we do not offer an indestructible dog bed, but beds with polyester covers are the most robust version.

2. What size is suitable for my dog?

Measure the length of the outstretched animal lying on its side, from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. The internal dimension of the bed must correspond to at least this length. Further information can be found in our size chart.

3. Dog beds in comparison: what is better, fabric or artificial leather?

Your individual needs (and of course those of your dog) are key here. Everyone feels this differently, just as people prefer summer or winter. The cover materials have different properties, which we will explain below:

  • Imitation leather is hair-repellent because the surface is smooth and has no fibres. This cover can be easily cleaned by wiping with a damp cloth. A particularly good choice for dogs with severe hair loss. Unfortunately, artificial leather is not suitable for the washing machine. If it is frequently moist (incontinent dog, wet dog after a walk etc.), this leaves traces in the long run.
  • Microfibre velour is soft and comfortable. If you would like to give your dog a place to sleep, in which he can really cuddle up, this cover is best suited. You can wash the velour cover in the washing machine. With velour, however, hair can get caught in the fabric. Therefore, you will have to expect more effort when your dog loses a lot of hair. However a dog bed with velour cover remains the first choice for cuddly fans.
  • Polyester covers are particularly robust and waterproof. You may know this material from backpacks or leisure bags. The material can be easily wiped off and washed in the washing machine. In order to keep the dog bed comfortable, many also use a dog blanket. When the dog moves in the bed, there is less rustling with a blanket. Otherwise, the movement noises are somewhat louder than with other covers - some dogs and owners sometimes find this disturbing. For others, this cover is the ideal compromise - robust, easy-care and very comfortable together with a blanket.
  • 4. Are there also waterproof dog beds?

    The polyester covers of our dog beds are basically waterproof. However, water could seep into seams or zippers. In addition, we also offer waterproof quick- covers for many dog beds. These can be pulled over the mattress and if necessary removed and washed. Please note that with permanent outdoor use, due to the humidity, even with a waterproof cover, mould would form.
  • 5. Can dog beds be exchanged?

    5. can dog beds be exchanged?
    If for any reason you are not satisfied with the item, you can return it to us within 14 days. Please pack the article in such a way that it arrives undamaged and in a new and clean condition (without animal hair and impurities). We recommend placing a blanket in the bed for a test. The purchase amount will be refunded to you immediately after receipt and examination of the goods. In the event of an exchange, you will also return your item to us (as described above). Then place a new order for the desired item.

  • 6. can I order replacement parts?

    Your dog bed should give you pleasure for a long time. A damaged filling or a damaged cover should not mean the end of the entire bed. You can therefore order spare parts for all dog beds.
    Covers, fillings for borders and mattresses can be purchased separately.

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